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求职信应该写对所谋求的职务的看法以及对自己的能力要作出客观公允的评价,这是求职的关键。要着重介绍自己应聘的有利条件,要特别突出自己的优势和闪光点,以使对方信服。 英语作文求职信范文篇一 Dear Mr. Hanks: I am writing to apply for the Client Account Coordinator, which was advertised May 4th with the Career Services Center at Florida State University. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. I believe that I have the training, experience and qualities that you are looking for. What is more, my major is computer, and I have a strong interest in software.When I was still a freshman, I got Band Two certificate for computer, which was outstanding in my class. Besides, I have attended various computer contests and won top prizes several times, which greatly enriched my knowledge on computer. Finally, I had once worked part-timely in a company for two years, and I gained wide experience in software in these two years.These are skills I developed both in my course work and in my recent internship at Liberty Mutual, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Your job description suggests that our relationship could be mutually beneficial. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively, and I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic, nationally recognized investment management firm. I would be pleased if you could offer me an opportunity to interview me. Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours 英语作文求职信范文篇二 Dear leaders: Hello! Sichuan University, I am a mechanical XXXX graduates XX. Thank you for your busy schedule to take some time to read this, I recommended materials, provided me with a chance of success. University during the period, in line with the attitude of rigorous study, I focus on learning the actual abilities, professional knowledge and practice, and actively participate in various social activities will be used to practice I have learned to continuously improve their work ability to carry out various tasks for the future and lay a solid foundation. In English, I passed the nationalexamination three English, have good listening, speaking, writing and translation capabilities. In the computer, I learn a wide range of computer hardware and software knowledge, can skilled use of pro / e, CAD software, and through a national computer-level examination, at the same time have some knowledge about the Internet, can effectively use the Internet resources. With self-confidence, I recommend myself to you, if your company had the honor to become a member of, I would like to start from a young age, starting from now on, open-minded dedication, hard work, continuous learning in practice, give full play to their initiative, creativity, hard Tim was a development of the companys luster. Finally, once again Thank you for reading this letter and look f
四年的大学生活结束了,总结过去,收获良多,现总结如下。 在校期间,我严格要求自己,努力学好专业知识,通过紧张的学习生活,我已经熟悉并掌握了有关法律基础理论、基本法、部门法的相关知识。在学习之余,积极投身法律实践工作中,使自己在丰富理论知识的同时,增加了社会经验。四年中令我欣慰的是:连续两个学年,四次获得奖学金,顺利通过了大学大作文英语四级考试和计算机二级考试。我把这些作为向上的动力,朝着更高的目标奋斗。 我校是一所理工学校,在培养人文素质的过程中,也渗透了理工科优良的作风,在我的身上,您会看到工科学生的扎实、看到理科学生的冷静。综合发展自己,成为文、理、工兼具的好学生,是我对自己的要求。 作为一名来自农村的大学生,我继承了中国农民的勤劳、坚韧不拔和不怕苦的精神。凭着这种精神,我边工边读,直至顺利完成学业。在今后的工作中,我会继续发扬这种精神,爱岗敬业,发挥自己的最大潜能! 我不能自比千里马,便我相信您一定是伯乐,选准您的千里马。希望给我一次选择的机会,我会让单位满意,让您满意!
求职信范文 英语作文
求职信是自我表白,其目的和作用要是让人事主管看,因人事主管有太多的求职信函要看,因此要简明扼要。 求职信范文英语作文篇一 Distinguished leadership of your company: Hello! Due to your company and the longing for self-development, achievement of self-desire, as a society is about to become college students, i sincerely look forward to their own careers on the fan set sail smoothly from here. Thinking - a guide for all actions. courses of study not only makes me more determined the direction of socialism, and made me more aware of a keen grasp of the political atmosphere of the times a company vital to the development of enterprises. especially in the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, it was almost reached a consensus: a powerful ideological driving force is one of the components of intangible assets. i am willing to use their own profession and the company is committed to business ideas with colleagues and enhance the company cohesion and combat effectiveness. Management - an important aspect of the modern enterprise. people entering the management of the core stage, the study how a mans work indispensable. despite the complexity of the work of man can also have a sense of accomplishment. in addition to information on the ideological education of a large number of professional knowledge, i have a lot of self-study such as business management courses, often through the magazines in this regard, very interested in what the practice in this regard, the theory used in real life. Law - the protection of the rights and interests of an effective weapon. to war, businesses will inevitably fall into economic disputes, in order to remove the obstacles to develop the adverse factors, it is necessary to resort to law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. although it is engaged in ideological education, but i also learn a great deal of hard laws and regulations, if the opportunity arises, i hope your company can become a legal service workers, for the company to share problem-solving. no man is perfect, so they are active at the same time to correct the shortcomings, i have to live and learn as its motto, i do not know your company can give me an opportunity to continue learning? Thank you for your concern is whether i am chollima take you to decide by simple desire of shenzhou rocket you will be lucky hands toward me! 求职信范文英语作文篇二 Dear Sir I am looking for employment as from the summer of 1989. I am enrolled in the graduate division of the Department of Education at the University of Michigan. My major is Education. I feel qualified to work as a teacher at the primary or secondary level. My teaching experience is quite extensive and varied, but I have concentrated most of all on instruction of physical sciences in middle schools. I would be very happy to work within school if this is possible. Since your agency has a fine reputation for helping students
英文 求职信 是大学生步入社会、走向工作岗位的第一步,了解 求职信 的写法具有实际意义。 那么,如何用地道流利的 英语 写好 求职信 呢?关键要处理好求职信的五个组成部分:写信动机、自我介绍、本人能力、结尾、附件。 一、写信动机 通常求职信是针对报纸上招聘广告而写的。若此,信中须提到何月何日的报纸,有时工作机会是从朋友或介绍所听来的,有时写信人不知某机构、公司有工作机会,毛遂 自荐 。不论哪一种,求职信上一定要说明写信的缘由和目的。 因此首先应该表明你是在何家媒体看到应聘广告以及所要应聘的职位。参考例句: 1.in reply to your advertisement in todays newspaper,i respectfully offer my services for the situation.拜读今日xx报上贵公司的广告,本人特此备函应征该职位。 2.replying to your advertisement into- days issue of the(newspaper),i wish to apply for the position in your esteemed firm.拜读贵公司在今日(报纸)上广告,特此备函应征贵公司该职位。 3.with reference to your advertisement in(newspaper)of may 2for a clerk,i offer myself for the post.从五月二日xx报上广告栏得知贵公司招聘一位职员,我愿应招。 4.i wish to apply for the position advertised in the enclosed clipping from the(newspaper)of november 12.谨随函附上十一月十二日xx报贵公司招聘广告,我愿应招此职位。 5.in answer to your advertisement into- days newspaper for a secretary,i wish to tender my services.阁下在今日xx报上刊登招聘秘书广告,本人获悉,特此应招。 6.learning from xx that you are looking for a sales manager,i should like to apply for the position.从xx处得悉,贵公司正在招聘一名业务经理,我愿应招此职。 7.your advertisement for a telephone operator in the newspaper of march 8has interested me,i feel i can fill that position.贵公司三月八日在xx报上刊登招聘电话接线员广告,本人拜读后极感兴趣,相信能担任此职。 二、自我介绍 写信人应述明自己的年龄或出生年月、教育背景,尤其与应征职位有关的训练或教育科目、工作经验或特殊技能。如无实际经验,略述在学类似经验亦可。参考例句: 1.for the past three years,i have been in the office of the xx trading co., where i have been an accountant.本人曾经在xx贸易公司服务三年,担任会计工作。 2.i am twenty years of age,and have been employed for the last two years by the xx co.,in the general clerical work of the office.我今年20岁,曾在xx公司服务两年,担任一般文员工作。 3.i am twenty years of age,and am anxious to settle down to office work.本人20岁,希望能找到一个公司,以便安定下来。 4.since my graduation from the school two years ago, i have been employed in xx hotel as a cashier.两年前离校后,在xx酒店担任出
应届生缺乏工作经验,在找工作时更应打造一份令招聘方眼前一亮的求职信。那么,应届生求职信怎么写呢?以下有一则应届生求职信范文,仅供各位参考。 尊敬的领导: 您好!衷心的感谢您在百忙之中翻阅我的这份材料,并祝愿贵单位事业欣欣向荣,蒸蒸日上! 下面,我就自己的情况向您作简单的个人自我介绍: 我是安徽工业大学建筑工程学院给水排水工程专业08届毕业生林源,自从进入大学之后,高考后的轻松、获知被录取的喜悦随风而逝,因为我得从新开始,继续努力奋斗,迎接新的挑战。大学四年是我思想、知识结构及心理、生长成熟的四年。惠于安工大浓厚的学习、创新氛围,熔融其中的我成为了一名复合型人才。时光飞逝,我将怀着我童年的梦想、青年的理想离开我的母校,走上工作岗位。 安工大师生中一直流传着这样一句话今天你以安工大为荣,明天安工大以你为荣,从入学以来,我一直把它铭记在心,立志要在大学四年里全面发展自己,从适应社会发展的角度提高个人素质。将来真正能在本职工作上做出成绩,为母校争光。 我以严字当头,在学习上勤奋严谨,对课堂知识不懂就问,力求深刻理解。在掌握了本专业知识的基础上,不忘拓展自己的知识面,对课外知识也有比较广泛的涉猎。我还很重视英语的学习,不断努力扩大词汇量,英语交际能力也有了长足的进步。同时,为了全面提升个人素质,我积极参加各种活动,这些经历使我认识到团结合作的重要性,也学到了很多社交方面的知识,增加了阅历,相信这对我今后投身社会将起重要作用。 现在,我以满腔的热情,准备投身到现实社会这个大熔炉中,虽然存在很多艰难困苦,但我坚信,大学生活给我的精神财富能够使我战胜它们。 长风破浪会有时,直挂云帆济沧海,希望贵公司能给我一个发展的平台,我会好好珍惜它,并全力以赴,为实现自己的人生价值而奋斗,为贵公司的发展贡献力量。 下页附个人履历表,盼面谈! 此致 敬礼
出色求职目标语句怎么写 如:求在保健和环境方面的管理职位,以及在项目管理、解决问题、科研和领导方面所需的技能。求能用得上营养学、备餐和饮食改良的知识以及具备培训他人、研究数据和设计以及提出教育方案的技能的职位。 多用主动词,少用被动词:可以使你的简历显得简洁、清晰且干净利落,易于理解。(举例常用的行为动词) 少用修饰状语(英语中少用冠词)如:为这个重新设计的方案策划和实施一些战略,为什么不写为重新设计的方案策划和实施战略? 语句一定要简洁。如:的平衡,平衡;一定时间内的完整帐目,定期完整帐目;每年做一次全年工作情况总结,总结年度工作情况。 尽量不用完整句。如:作为一个高级行政人员,我拥有发方面的知识,具有知识的高级行政人员;我拥有出色的销售成绩,出色的销售成绩;每年我都要组织大会,组织年度大会。